David J Gross Studios | About
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David J. Gross

Overall, the ecosystems that are generated by and thrive in water are the primary focuses of my life and work. Growing up in southern Minnesota, I became obsessed with the small lakes and rivers and the amount of life they sustained. This is also the time I began to realize the impact farm chemicals, run-off, and construction have on these environments.

Moving to Duluth, to attend the University of Minnesota, I became familiar with the fragile, ever-changing Lake Superior. It is difficult to imagine how often and easily this freshwater sea is adversely affected. The constant introduction of new species, whether intentional or not, as well as pollutants entering directly or through a large system of tributaries, quickly take their toll. Finally, I received the opportunity to work in the charter fishing industry out of Sitka, Alaska and witnessed first-hand how quickly, and drastically humans can impact an ecosystem, even one as vast as the North Pacific. Through my work and personal experience, I am just beginning to realize the extent to which everyone and everything has an impact.

My art is driven by, as well as an exploration of, environments threatened by human “progress” and/or misuse. Water is the element that sustains our world, it is a living mass that needs to be realized and preserved. My art is an attempt to get people to look at and realize what is around them and to understand the extent to which we are transforming the natural world.